About 40 minutes by car from JR Koriyama Station / about 20 minutes from Koriyama Minami IC
Enjoy the famous hot spring in the source fresh open-air bath


"Kan" hotel for relaxation

Relaxing and relaxing hot spring Yasumiishi Onsen heart with Yasumiishi Onsen

Notice of shortened business hours for banquets, meals, etc.

  • News of time-saving business

    From July 26, 3rd year of Reiwa to the cancellation of the cooperation request due to the cooperation request from Fukushima Prefecture to the restaurant to shorten the business hours.

    ◦ Stop providing food and drink to day-trip customers after 15:00
    ◦ Stop accepting reservations for night banquets
    ◦ Stop serving alcohol after 19:00 and stop eating and drinking after 20:00

    We will take the above measures.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Notice on using Goto Travel Campaign

  • Request by the customer

    Customers making online reservations or telephone reservations on our website
    You can receive a discount by registering as a member of "STAY NAVI" and issuing a coupon.

    After making a reservation on this website, please click the banner image to complete the coupon issue procedure.

    A "reservation number" is required when issuing a coupon.
    Please do not make a mistake.

    If you have difficulty issuing a coupon, please make a reservation by phone.We will register on behalf of this facility.

About our facility's response to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) ①

  • Requests for using the hotel

    At this facility, to ensure a safe and secure stay for our customers
    We carry out thorough "hygiene management and 3 dense measures" based on the guidelines.

    Please refrain from going out if you have any of the following symptoms.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Customers who continue to have difficulty breathing, malaise, cough, sore throat, and fever.
    Customers who have traveled abroad within one month.
    Other customers who are not feeling well
  • About staff health management and hygiene management in this facility

    Staff health management
    ・All employees wear masks:I wear a mask to prevent infection.
    ・Hand washing, gargle, temperature measurement, etc.:We thoroughly manage our health.

    hygiene management
    ・Removing bacteria:During cleaning and service of this facility, we also carry out sterilization with alcohol, hypochlorous acid water, air purifier, and ozone generator.
    ・ventilation:Ventilation is provided throughout the building.

About our facility's response to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) ②

  • Admission,Request during your stay

    ・Please present the ID of all guests staying at the hotel.
    ・Please cooperate in checking the body temperature with a non-contact thermometer.
    ・Please wear a mask when moving within the facility except when eating or bathing.
    ・Admission is restricted for day trip bathing, use of dining venues and large communal baths, etc.
    ・Please use hand sanitizers that are installed in various places in the pipe.
  • 3 dense measures

    We are implementing "sealed", "dense" and "close" measures.

    ・Front counter:We have set up a tsuitate to avoid face-to-face contact.
    ・Dressing room:We have a space between the baskets.
    ・One-day hot spring:We have a limit on the number of people (you may have to wait during times of congestion.)
    ・Hall break:The number of seats has been reduced and tsuitates have been set up at intervals.

    【Guests for Overnight Stay】
    Both dinner and breakfast will be served in your room.
    We will prepare it on another floor and call you when the meal is ready.
    We have prepared a dining venue separate from the room where you will be closed.

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29 Tadano-yasumiishi, Ose Town, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture

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About 40 minutes by car from JR Koriyama Station / about 20 minutes from Koriyama Minami IC
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